C2SV 2016 has ended
Creative Convergence Silicon Valley 2016 unfolds in the SoFA District of San Jose, October 6-8, 2016


Arbiter /ˈärbәdәr/


1. An acoustic neo ­rock band that has the ultimate authority in a matter.
2. Three musicians - Piano, Viola, Percussion reflecting the UK's Neo Rock from 1980's

Donny Reynolds has been entertaining since the age of 5. He is a composer who principles in piano, voice, and composition. Donny comes from a family of musicians and entertainers, taking after his great ­grandfather, Robert, worked in the recording industry with RCA Records. Donny completed his Program in Residency at San Jose State University; Music Director to the Department of Television, Radio, Film and Theatre. Donny recently finished the film score for the short, “The Promise of You”, directed by Leo Maselli, an official Scary Cow Festival Selection ­ San Francisco.

Veronica Rogers has studied music and performance for over 15 years. With viola as her main instrument, she graduated in music performance at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2013. Since then Rogers has been involved with various projects throughout the San Joaquin Valley, in Houston, TX, and most recently in San Francisco.

Peter French is a drummer’s drummer. Since the age of 12, Peter’s has played drums for some on San Francisco’s best rock bands. He has toured throughout the Soviet Union, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe. This time with Arbiter at C2SV, Peter will be showcasing his prophetic prowess on his sacred instrument, The Jembe.

My Performers Sessions

Saturday, October 8

8:00pm PDT